Years of experience

While I do have nearly 2 decades of experience, I believe there may be too much credibility given to the # of years. People are drawn to “years of experience”, because it’s assumed they’ve seen the good and the bad through those years and know how to deal with them. In reality, you should consider what they’ve experienced and the problems they’ve had to solve. I have a diverse background in this industry including installing, project managing, and a large portion of my nearly 20-year career was as field support for product manufacturers. I’ve been the person called when things didn’t go right, when an owner is unhappy with the work provided or performance of a product.  Nobody likes it when mistakes happen, or complaints present themselves. However, these are great lessons to avoid future problems.  Everyone makes mistakes, the key is to learn from them, and while I have my own experiences to learn from, I’ve had the additional benefit or advantage of seeing & analyzing mistakes others have made. Whether it was improper use of product, or product failures due to environmental conditions or poor surface preparation.  Often times good communication between the client & contractor is the most important factor in getting an issue rectified that leaves all parties satisfied.

Seeing behind the curtain

I’ve worked for both large & small product manufacturers and have had the privilege of being involved with new product development. These projects had me working with both chemists & marketers. Because of this experience I’ve seen the good & bad approaches to product development & marketing strategies. It provides me with the perspective and ability to identify misleading or dishonest claims. 


As a building owner, homeowner, or facility manager there are 2 ways of working with Resolving Surfaces to solve your surface problems. 

  1. Do it for me:  We work with you to identify the problems you need solved and the options you have.  You pay Resolving Surfaces & our crew(s) perform the work.
  2. Do it yourself: You hire Resolving Surfaces for a fee to provide consultation for the problem you have.  Because you paid for consultation you can utilize Resolving Surfaces pricing with local suppliers to save on product cost but you are the labor doing the work yourself.