Chris Patterson-President Resolving Surfaces

I’ve been helping building owners solve surface problems since 2005. Early in my career, a colleague said to me: “Do you know why this is could be a career for you? Everywhere you go, almost everything you see is painted, coated, finished or sealed. The walls, the tables, the shelves, the store signs, the counters, every one of these surfaces is a finished product.” As the years went by, I took on new challenges to diversify my perspective and experience and to expand my knowledge of an industry that is constantly changing. 

Resolving Surface’s mission is to provide you with the most up-to-date information you need to make decisions on residential and commercial projects. 

The main difference between most finishes is whether they were factory applied or field applied. However, the goal remains the same, for them to perform as expected. Depending on the desired use, finishes need to have one or more of these qualities: aesthetically appealing, durable, smooth or textured, color stable, UV resistant, chemical resistant, water resistant, protective.  

My goal is to bring value and information to your project and reduce the construction demolition that ends up in our landfills. Sometimes we can avoid full demolition and replacement by resurfacing or refinishing existing structures to your preferred style. 

During my two decades of experience and expertise in fluid applied solutions, I’ve worked with good and bad contractors who can make or break a project. I can help you avoid misleading claims and warranties. My priority is helping you achieve your desired goals while supporting the success of trusted and respected professionals. I want to protect the “good apples” that help give our industry a good reputation. 

In partnering with Resolving Surfaces, we will discuss your goals and budget and review your options. I am here to support you, help answer any questions that may arise, and collaborate with my qualified network of professionals to provide a bid for the work you want done.